• Jamie Parrott

    Maybe if they paid bricklayers a decent salary and gave them full employment status, instead of insisting on keeping them sub-contracting on pricework where they have to constantly deal with bad weather, cranky site foreman (whom are after winning ‘awards’) and crazy nhbc standards.
    Bricklayers spend more time dealing with that than actually laying bricks, So when they do finally get a chance to actually earn some money im not suprised they throw the bricks in from a great distance at probably 400mph because its only a matter of time before the site forman comes along and asks them to stop laying…put down your trowels…stop earning money, so you can clean round the bottom of the scaffold because his boss is coming out and he wants the site to look spik and span so he can recieve his lovely pat on the back. All whilst the bricklayers trowel lies dortmant not earning his master and money.

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